Arbitrary sentences against two Sahrawi activists

Occupied El Aaiún, May 04, 2021 (SPS) - The so-called Criminal Chamber of the Court of Appeals of the occupied city of El Aaiún issued last Thursday, April 29, 2021, unconditional prison sentences between a year and a half, against the Saharawi activists Mohamed Nafeh Azman and Ghali Hamdi Albu, respectively.

According to the League for the Protection of Sahrawi Prisoners in Moroccan Prisons, these sentences were reaffirmed in support of the first instance rulings already handed down before the appeal, although the defense lawyers of the accused had refuted the allegations of the accusation. , demonstrating the type and form infringements that have characterized the process.

Despite the absence of evidence, the Moroccan justice always reaffirms the accusations against any Saharawi activist, as part of its already known methods lacking in law and justice, which only work in compliance with the improper orders received from a security apparatus whose sole objective is to retaliate against any Sahrawi voice that advocates freedom and independence. SPS