ISACOM condemns arbitrary detention of Sahrawi civilians in Occupied Zones

Occupied El-Aaiún , Feb 13, 2022 (SPS) -. The Sahrawi Instance against the Moroccan Occupation condemned the arbitrary detention of Sahrawi civilians in the Occupied Zones of Western Sahara.

 The Saharawi entity reported this Friday in a statement that the Moroccan occupation forces had detained Gali Buha-la and Nafee Butasufra, Thursday, February 11. The houses of the families of the two militants were raided and their members attacked, beaten and some had their phones confiscated.

The Saharawi NGO, after condemning this arbitrary detention to which the relatives of the detainees were subjected, consider that this escalation of detentions launched by the Moroccan occupation police against Sahrawi activists and citizens who peacefully demand the end of the Moroccan occupation and the independence of Western Sahara, is to silence and repress the voices against the occupation and to restrict freedom of expression.

It has demanded the release of all Sahrawi political prisoners who languish in Moroccan prisons,  calling on international human rights organizations to intervene in favor of the defense of Sahrawi civilians in the occupied cities of Western Sahara SPS