WSRW alerts Brazilian companies against use of Sahrawi phosphate

London, Feb 11, 2021 (SPS) - - The International Observatory Western Sahara Resource Watch (WSRW) warned the companies Cesari Fertilizantes (Cefertil) and Copebras in Brazil against the use of phosphate from occupied Western Sahara in violation of international law.

The WSRW network organization, which has traced back the ships carrying phosphate shipments from the occupied Sahrawi territories to the port of Santos, located in the state of São Paolo in southern Brazil and to an

Industrial site in Cubatão, said it has observed since July 2019 several shipments of rock phosphate from Western Sahara to Brazil to be used as fertilizer.

In July 2019, the bulk carrier Orient Tribune dropped anchor in the ports of Salvador and Antonina. In October 2019, the Wulin docked in Santos.

In 2020, three shipments, jointly transporting about 100,000 tons of rock phosphate from Western Sahara reached Brazil, the WSRW added.

To this end, the Brazilian group Cesari, owner of Cefertil and Copebras, a subsidiary of the Chinese group China Molybdenum (CMOC), were questioned in a letter by the Observatory on the nature of their activities and the destination of the shipments, warning against the marketing and use of products from the occupied territories of Western Sahara in view of its non-self-governing status.SPS