AU Peace & Security Council upcoming session will discuss developments in Western Sahara"

Algeria, Feb 03, 2021 (SPS) - The Commissioner for Peace and Security of the African Union, Ismail Sharqi, announced an upcoming summit of the African Union Peace and Security Council to discuss developments in the Western Sahara file.

"The return of the war between the Kingdom of Morocco and the SADR required to move to the discussion in order to reach a solution," Mr. Sharqi said, in an interview made the Algerian national radio.

Therefore, the African official added, "The Security and Peace Council of the African Union will hold a summit on the subject in a timely manner, and the Troika might meet in the next few days to come up with ideas and proposals."

In this regard, he explained, "The priority of the Council is to try to find a peaceful solution by putting political pressure on countries that still occupy areas of the African continent."

Regarding the UN’ efforts to settle the conflict in Western Sahara, Mr. Sharqi said, "What is also expected is a move by UN to appoint a special envoy, and for the two organizations to join hands to find a peaceful solution to the issue."SPS