Military Communiqué No. 49: SPLA fighters continue to shell on Moroccan enemy hiding places

Bir Lahlou (SADR Liberated Territories), Dec 31, 2020 (SPS) - The Sahrawi People's Liberation Army (SPLA) fighters continued intense strikes on the enemy entrenchments along its wall of humiliation and shame, causing significant damages, according to military communiqué No. 49 of the National Ministry of Defense. 

The strikes of SPLA fighters targeted the following positions of the enemy army:

Tuesday December 29 :

  • Military bases in Galeib Nas, Auserd sector

Wednesday December 30:

  • Military bases in Fadret leghrab region, Hauza sector
  • Military bases in Legssaibiyin region, Farsia sector
  • Sector of Baggari

Tuesday December 31:

  • Military pointes in Rus Tnuchad region, Mahbas sector
  • Military sites in Rus Lefrarin and Sabkhet Aakairich regions, Smara sector
  • Military sites in Amegli Dachra region, Amgala sector
  • Military bases in Rus Udayat Echdida region, Farsia sector
  • Military sites in Aguert Ebruk region, Hauza sector
  • Military sites in Adheim Um Jlud region, Auserd  sector