Sahrawi army continues attacks on Moroccan bases for 31st consecutive day

Bir Lehlou (Liberated Territories), 13 December 2020 (SPS)  - The Sahrawi People's Liberation Army (SPLA) continued its intensive attacks on Moroccan military bases behind the wall of shame on Saturday and Sunday, said a military statement number 31 from the Ministry of Defence.

In its statement, the ministry "the units of the SPLA continued on Saturday, their strikes against the enemy positions in the region of Tinuachad (sector of Mahbes), the zone of Rous Aoudiat Ahdaydeh (sector of Farsiya)."

They also carried out attacks against "the area of Ankeb El Abd (Houza sector), the Akrarat Erramth region (Farsiya sector), the region of Tarf Dirt (Houza sector), the Oum Edken zone (Bakari sector) and the Kelb Adhlim region (Techla sector).

On Sunday, the statement added, "the SPLA units stormed the positions of the Moroccan military in the Tinuachad region (the sector of Mahbes) and Rous Echadhimiya (the Mehbes sector)."

The SPLA has been carrying out intense attacks against Moroccan army positions since the violation of the ceasefire agreement by the occupation forces that attacked unarmed Sahrawi civilians during a peaceful demonstration in El Guerguerart on November 13th. (SPS)