Counterattack of Sahrawi people, army comes in response to Morocco’s expansionist policy

New York, 16 November 2020 (SPS) - Representative of the Polisario Front to the United Nations Sidi Mohamed Omar affirmed that the counterattack of the Sahrawi people and their army comes in response to the expansionist policy of Morocco which attempts today, after 40 years of illegal occupation of Western Sahara, to monopolize more territories on the ground that there is a trade route.

“If the international community, notably the Security Council, fail to prevent Morocco from continuing its aggressions, the Sahrawi people will take action,” said Mohamed Omar in a statement to the press.

While broaching the new upsurge of tensions in El Guerguerat, in the south-west of Western Sahara, the diplomat underlined “the brutal aggression by the forces of the Moroccan occupation against the defenseless Sahrawi civilians who protested peacefully at the illegal breach of El Guerguerat, which led the Sahrawi people to a counterattack.”

The Sahrawi people have urged, for three decades, the United Nations to organize a self-determination referendum, so hindered by Morocco for fear of losing it, adding that “today, and after a failure to respect the ceasefire, the Sahrawi people are living a new stage, that of the open war against the Moroccan occupation in order to reach freedom and independence.” (SPS)