EU donates €5.3mn to Sahrawi refugees

Algiers, 9 May 2020 (SPS) - The European Union (EU) has recently donated €5.3 million to the United Nations (UN) World Food Programme (WFP) to meet the food needs of thousands of Sahrawi refugees, fight hunger and ensure their food security.

“The European Union stands with the Saharawi refugees who have been in exile for 44 years and should not be forgotten. Our support to WFP is vital as it allows thousands of the most vulnerable refugees to receive their required daily intake of calories. Preventing under nutrition, especially among the young children and mothers, demands continuous efforts and support,” said Patrick Barbier, Head of European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations (ECHO) in Algiers.

The EU, through its Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations department (ECHO), is the largest donor to WFP’s work in support of Sahrawi refugees in Algeria. So far, the EU has covered over 30 percent of WFP’s funding requirements for this operation in 2020.

WFP Representative and Country Director in Algeria Imed Khanfir welcomed this initiative.

“As we are facing an unprecedented worldwide pandemic, WFP would like to thank the EU for their ongoing support to Sahrawi refugee families especially at this critical time,” said Khanfir.

“Most Sahrawi refugees rely primarily on WFP assistance for their food needs, and families need our support now more than ever. This timely donation allowed WFP to procure and preposition the required quantities of assorted food to respond to the COVID-19 crisis,” he continued.

This latest contribution from the EU will help cover the basic food needs of thousands of men, women, girls and boys in the Tindouf refugee camps in the coming months.

WFP provides each refugee with a monthly food ration that includes cereals (rice, barley and wheat flour), pulses, vegetable oil, sugar and fortified blended foods. (SPS)