Spain Communist Party conveys deepest regret to te Saharawi people following Mhamed Jaddad death




Madrid (Spain), April 02, 2020 (SPS) - The Communist Party of Spain has expressed its sincere condolences to all the Sahrawi people following the physical loss of Mhamad Jadad, prominent leader of Frente POLISARIO

“Like many of his compatriots, his fight against the disease has not prevented him from continuing to work tirelessly in defending the cause of his people until his last breath. Only a few weeks ago we were able to listen to their statements, denouncing, together with Algeria, once again, Morocco's claim to extend its territorial waters also to the coast of the occupied SADR territory; or reminding Spain of its obligations and responsibilities with respect to Western Sahara, "said the PCE in its message of condolences.

"Mhamed Jaddad, a fighter from a young age for self-determination and against the Moroccan invasion, belonging to the group of brilliant first-time Saharawi diplomats, was a living testimony to the tragic history of ignominy against his people," he adds.

"In these difficult moments when the Sahrawi people face important decisions in the face of the passivity of international organizations, the leadership of the Communist Party of Spain and all our militancy we want to accompany the relatives of Mhamed Jaddad, his colleagues and the leadership of the Frente POLISARIO and all the Saharawi people, with our deepest regret for their loss. "

With its clear position confirmed, the PCE stresses that “the best way to honor his memory is our unwavering commitment in support of his fight to reach a liberated and independent Western Sahara. His memory will remain among all of us as an example of the great fighter. SPS