World March of Women reaffirms its support to Saharawi women in their annual solidarity day

Geneva (Switzerland), Feb 19, 2020 (SPS) - The World March of Women reaffirmed, on the occasion of commemorating the day of solidarity with Saharawi women, which is celebrated on February 18 of each year, its support for Saharawi women on their annual solidarity day.

The World March of Women urged the international community to intervene immediately to free the political prisoner, Mahfouda Bamba Lafkir, illegally detained by the occupation authorities in El Aaiún prison occupied in serious conditions.

The commission renewed its communication, reminding the United Nations that they apply international law and that they work to guarantee the right of peoples to self-determination, especially the right of the Saharawi people, and to end the looting of natural resources in Sahara Western.

The International Commission of Women also commended the perseverance and persistence of Saharawi women in refugee camps, liberated territories and occupied cities for more than four decades, despite difficult circumstances and systematic violence against women in the parties Subject to the Moroccan military occupation.

In conclusion, the World March of Women emphasized the continuation of its efforts to support Saharawi women until independence, and their strong condemnation of unjustified silence towards the suffering of the Saharawis and their just cause. SPS