Western Sahara: Moroccan mines cause new victims

Tifariti (Liberated Sahrawi Territories); Sept 18; 2019 (SPS) - A Mauritanian citizen was injured Monday following the explosion of a Moroccan fragmentation bomb in an area close to the Moroccan wall, at about 90km from the Sahrawi region of Tifariti.

According to the Sahrawi Office of Mine Action Coordination SMACO, it is a Mauritanian citizen called Ali Yaslem, born in 1989, injured in the explosion of a Moroccan fragmentation bomb.

The same source underlined that “as part of the efforts made by the People’s Sahrawi liberation army (APLS) in terms of helping the victims, a brigade transported the victim to the hospital of Tifariti.

The adjacent area to the Moroccan wall is among the most undermined areas in the world.

The Moroccan State refuses to cooperate with the international organizations and bodies which hope to collaborate in this zone and refuses, to this day, to ratify the treaties of Ottawa and Oslo on the banning of anti-personal mines and fragmentation bombs.

The Sahrawi people call on, every time, the United Nations to speed up the mine clearance process of millions of mines planted by the Moroccan occupier along the wall of shame and which continue to cause the death of innocents among the Sahrawi children.

Sahrawi reports pointed out that the Moroccan forces continue to replace the mines swept away by floods notably in winter. SPS