US Professor rejects Moroccan propaganda about Saharawi State’s viability and calls for Saharawi right to self-determination

Washington D.C (USA) 20 August 2019 (SPS)- American Professor Joseph Huddleston published an opinion yesterday on the Wall Street Journal, contradicting Moroccan propaganda that claims Saharawi State is unviable, and calls for enabling the people of Western Sahara to exercise their right to self-determination.

The American Academic published his opinion under the title “Let the people of Western Sahara Have a say!” to answer Dion Nissenbaum’s article and video package on Western Sahara (“Dormant War Draws U.S. Spotlight,” published last August 12th on Wall Street Journal, circulating various false propaganda usually advanced by Morocco to justify its illegal and violent military occupation of Western Sahara.

Prof. Huddleston considered that “the claim that an independent Western Sahara would likely be unstable and offer a foothold to Islamic State is misguided conjecture,” arguing that the Saharawi Republic is actually there on the ground and is cooperating with international efforts to fight crimes and drug trafficking, knowing that Morocco is the main source of these two phenomenon.

He further estimated that Dion Nissenbaum’s article, though it “is thorough and evenhanded overall, bringing attention to the oft-ignored conflict between Morocco and the Polisario Front over the North African territory”, it “However, wrongly asserts that an independent Saharan state would pose a risk to regional stability.”

In fact, he says “Western Sahara’s Sahrawi people have built an entire state apparatus. The Sahrawi Republic is a longtime member of the African Union and is recognized by dozens of countries. It wins lawsuits in international courts. The governing Polisario Front polices the area around the camps and has cooperated with international security efforts against trafficking and terrorism.”

Polisario Front has already responded to Dion Nissenbaum’s misleading claims that reproduced Moroccan propaganda and dismissed Saharawi.

Polisario estimated in a press release published last August 13 that “the adoption of the policy of distortion of facts and buying off people, and the publication of paid studies and articles, will not change the fact that the Kingdom of Morocco is only an occupying power, and that the nature of its presence in parts of the territory of the Sahrawi Republic is an illegal occupation condemned to disappear sooner or later.”

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