Equipe Media awards Julio Anguita International Prize for Journalism

Cordoba (Andalucia), March 07, 2019 (SPA) - The Union of Journalists of Andalusia (SPA) awarded its annual prize to Equipe Media, an organization that works in the occupied areas of Western Sahara, for his constant work in defense of human rights and the effort to break the media block in the occupied areas by Morocco.

As stated in the statement of the SPA, "the jury has valued Media team their collective effort to make high quality journalism, in four languages, which provides information to journalists around the world and strives to focus on a conflict forgotten by the media. "

The Union of Journalists of Andalusia (SPA) awards this award as an acknowledgment to the efforts of journalists in the occupied areas to report on the serious situation in which the Saharawi people live, recalling that several Saharawi journalists have been arrested or attacked by the Moroccan authorities for the simple fact of informing or covering peaceful demonstrations in the occupied areas.

The Equipe Media Coordinator, Mohamed Mayara, affirms that "it is a recognition of the just struggle of the Saharawi people" stressing that "the policies and aggressions of the Moroccan regime to the Sahrawi journalists will not succeed in silencing the truth in the occupied areas of Western Sahara" .

The Julio Anguita Parrado International Journalism Award recognizes a brilliant career, committed to the defense of human rights, to journalists of any nationality, or to journalistic organizations or entities that have carried out work in areas of armed conflict.SPS