Saharawi protest EU-Morocco trade agreements in Strasbourg

Strasbourg, Feb 13, 2019 (SPS) -Dozens of protesters from the Saharawi community in France and Belgium gathered in front of the European Parliament building in the French city of Strasbourg.

The rally coincides with the European Parliament vote on the fisheries agreement between the EU and Morocco, which includes occupied Western Sahara in flagrant violation of international law and the decisions of the CJUE of 2016 and 2018.

The demonstrators with banners and slogans rejecting the maneuvers of the European Commission to continue illegally exploiting the Sahrawi natural resources in complicity with the Moroccan occupation regime, demanding that the European Parliament play its natural role and correct the errors of the Commission and the Council of Europe instead of supporting the Moroccan occupation in its plundering of the Saharawi wealth.

The participants recall Europe and the world "that the Saharawi people will not cede their permanent sovereignty over their territory and natural resources. No one has the right to negotiate on behalf of the Saharawi people, except with their sole and legitimate representative, the Frente POLISARIO.SPS