President Brahim Gali supervises the graduation of a new promotion of Sahrawi political cadres

National School of Saharawi cadres, Dec 12, 2018 (SPS) - The President of the Republic, Mr. Brahim Gali oversaw, on Tuesday, the graduation of a new batch of political cadres in the National School of Saharawi cadres Martir El-Wali, with the presence of the member of the National Secretariat and head of the political Organization, Mr. Hama Salama and the Commercial Counselor of the Embassy of Cuba in Algeria, Mrs. Mirtha Rippes, representing the Ambassador of Cuba in the Sahrawi Republic, as well as Cuban professors who have collaborated in the formation of this batch.

The graduates received, during the training period, several lectures on political management, party experience, administration, management methods, political discourse and its methodology, as well as lectures on the Saharawi national experience. SPS