Minister of National Defense stresses need to maintain combat readiness of army units

Aguenit (Liberated Territories), November 19, 2018 (SPS) - Minister of National Defense, Abdellah Lahib Alballal, stressed the need to maintain the combat readiness of the units of the People's Liberation Army in anticipation of every eventuality.

This came during his inspection of the units of the 7th regiment as part of the second day of his visit to military regiments of the People's Liberation Army.

The Minister of National Defense, who was accompanied by the commander of the regiment and the general staff of National Defense Ministry, inspected the army units in this regiment, their readiness and preparation and evaluation of the implementation of the programme of the Ministry of National Defense and the decisions of the Polisario Front.

He reiterated the vital importance of this military regiment and the active role played by its deployed units in order to secure the liberated territories of the Saharawi Republic against all threats, primarily terrorism and organized crime.

He reviewed the vehicles, weapons and administrations of the regiment, where the inspection mission began its work with visiting battalions, facilities and extensions of the central directorates to find out the potentials, preparations and implementation of the proposed plans.

At the conclusion of his visit, he praised the vital role played by the People’s Liberation Army fighters, admiring their steadfastness in the face of all dangers that threatens security, safety of the country and citizens and confronting the enemy’s plans and thwarting all its maneuvers. (SPS)