POLISARIO representative to Spain: EUCOCO is a crucial stage to remind Spain of its historical and moral responsibilities towards Sahrawi people

Madrid, Nov  15, 2018  (SPS) - the Frente POLISARIO representative to  Spain, Mrs, Jira Bulahi said on Thursday that the European Coordinating Conference for Solidarity with the Saharawi People (EUCOCO), to be held in Madrid this year, constituted an important political stage to remind the Spanish state of its historical and legal  responsibilities towards the Saharawi people .

“This edition of EUCOCO will be attended by important delegations from European countries, from the Pan-African Parliament and some members of the diplomatic corps accredited in Spain.” Jira Bulahi underlined in her statement to SPS

It will also seen a Sahrawi significant participation head by the Speaker of the National Council, Mr. Jatri Adduh

She has also revealed that the said conference will hold four workshops on themes related closely to the question of Saharwi People such as the political workshop, the human rights and occupied territories workshop, the workshop on natural resources and the workshop to promote the building of Sahrawi state institutions.

On the sidelines of the European Symposium on Solidarity with the Saharawi People, the annual Madrid demonstration will be held to denounce the shameful Madrid agreement and remind Spain of its historical and moral responsibilities towards its former colony, the last colony on the African continent. SPS