Polisario Front ready to engage into negotiations with Morocco

Algiers, August 13, 2018 ( SPS) - Ambassador of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR) to Algeria, Abdelkader Taleb Omar, reaffirmed Sunday Polisario Front's readiness to engage into direct negotiations with Morocco, in accordance with the recent resolution of the United Nations Security Council.

"Polisario Front, the sole and legitimate representative of Sahrawi people, reaffirms its readiness to fully engage into negotiations with Morocco, in accordance with the UN Security Council's resolution 2414," the Sahrawi ambassador told a press briefing at the end of his meeting with the Secretary General of the National Republican Alliance (ANR) Belkacem Sahli.

The Sahrawi diplomat also underlined Polisario Front's commitment to cooperate with the UN Secretary General's Personal Envoy for Western Sahara, Horst Kohler, hailing the latter's efforts for a just and fair solution guaranteeing the right of Sahrawi people to self-determination.

In this regard, the Sahrawi ambassador urged the UN Security Council to "assume its responsibility in accordance with the principles of the UN Charter and to ensure the respect for Sahrawi people's inalienable right to self-determination."

On the other hand, he denounced Moroccan regime's attempts to undermine the negotiation process, by provoking crisis ahead of each meeting on negotiations. (SPS)