AU recommends African mechanism for Sahrawi people self-determination

Nouakchott (Mauritania), July 2, 2018 (SPS) - The setting up of an African mechanism to enable the African Union to provide "efficient support" to the UN-led process, based on the UN Security Council resolutions, in order to reach self-determination of Western Sahara people has been recommended Sunday in Nouakchott by the AU Commission president Moussa Faki.

Faki made this recommendation in his report on Western Sahara question, APS obtained a copy on the occasion of the 31st Summit of the AU Heads of State and Government.

The UN pertinent resolutions have constantly requested from the parties to resume the talks under the aegis of UN Secretary General "without pre-conditions and in good faith, in view to reach just, lasting and mutually acceptable political solution which allows the self-determination of Western Sahara, as part of the goals and the principles stated the UN Charter," said the report presented by Faki during a behind closed doors session at the AU Summit.

This mechanism would encourage the parties to show "flexibility and willingness to compromise, communicate with the United Nations and with other players to mobilize the largest possible support to the UN efforts and reflect, in close collaboration with the United Nations about the content of the desired compromise ," added the report.

It is "crucial that the African Union gets actively involved in the quest of a solution to the conflict, as part of its responsibility in the promotion of peace, security and stability in Africa."

In his report, Faki also insisted that the AU role should be "accompanying and supporting the African Union efforts," stressing that the UN Envoy is conducting "intensive consultations" with the parties, which expressed “commitment to cooperate."

In the conclusions of the report, the chief of the AU commission affirmed that it is important that the African Union "significantly contributes to the finding of a solution and effectively support the UN efforts in this question.” (SPS)