Ould Salek asserts "the Saharawi Republic and its territorial unit constitute a red line"

Algiers (Algeria), Nov 08, 2017 (SPS) - The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Sahrawi Republic, Mohamed Salem Ould Salek, said Wednesday at a press conference at the headquarters of the Saharawi embassy in Algiers, that "the Saharawi Republic and its territorial unit constitute a red line" and that "the Saharawi people are prepared to raise the challenges".


"The solution is to end the illegal occupation and withdraw the troops concentrated in our country, as well as stop the systematic aggression suffered by our people at the hands of those who plunder their natural resources," said Ould Salek, before reaffirming that the dirty war " will not bend the will of our people to continue their struggle for liberation until they achieve their independence”


The head of Saharawi diplomacy, called France to assume the responsibilities arising from its policy that "contradicts the philosophy and principles that inspired the French Revolution", which implies, according to Ould Salek, "stop supporting injustice against the Saharawi people and allow the restoration of peace in our region. "


In the same regard, the Saharawi foreign minister said that "Morocco's attempts to corner the SADR within the framework of the African Union failed and suffered heavy attacks", as an example of the successive defeats of the Kingdom of Morocco in the technical and specialized meetings held recently.


"Currently, Morocco supported by France, aims to thwart the Fifth EU-AU Summit, which will take place in Côte d'Ivoire on November 29 and 30, despite the AU resolutions on the matter and the agreement of both continental organizations "says the Saharawi diplomat.


Finally, the head of Saharawi diplomacy, recalled that the Saharawi cause won great victories throughout 2017, "victories that consolidated the position of the Saharawi Republic on a continental and international level", adds Ould Salek, who affirmed that the front of the struggle for the protection of natural resources experienced an important legal and political consolidation in the European and African sphere". SPS