Unemployed Sahrawi Coordination condemns Moroccan repression against peaceful sit-in in El Aaiun

Aaiun (Occupied Territories), 02/11/2017 (SPS) - The Coordination of the Unemployed Saharawi, condemned the brutal repression suffered by the peaceful sit-in of the unemployed, on Wednesday, on the coast of El Aaiun, Fem El Ouad.

The sit-in led by the Sahrawi against a cement factory was brutally repressed by the Moroccan police forces.

The protest is part of the Peaceful Protests Campaign, launched by the Coordination of unemployed Saharawi in El Aaiun, under the slogan 'Sahrawi unemployed, immense wealth and deadly unemployment, suffers the same repression that the Moroccan authorities exert on the demonstrations of the Sahrawi in the Occupied Territories.

In this regard, the forces of repression detained the Sahrawi unemployed, Hamadi Abunini and Brahim Salem Taumi, who were taken to the Moroccan gendarmerie for interrogation. They were later released, thanks to the protest of their families.

Finally, the Coordination, expressed its solidarity with the martyrs of the Sahrawi trade union movement, Brahim Sayka and Mohamed Ali Masek. And he asked for the release of all Sahrawi political prisoners in prisons in Morocco.SPS