Western Sahara people wishes Guetteres efforts be along same lines as Ban ki-moon's

Algiers, August 30, 2017 (SPS) - Saharawi people wishes that the efforts of UN secretary general Antonio Guterres for the settlement of Western Sahara issue be along the same lines as those of his predecessor, Ban Ki-moon, who tried to revive the self-determination process, Saharawi journalist Hamma Mehdi said.

Hamma Mehdi told APS that Ban Ki-moon tried to revive the self-determination process, adding that the efforts of his personal envoy, Christopher Ross, contributed to this move, in spite of Morocco's attempts to divert UN attention.

Moroccan regime had accused Ban Ki-moon of being partial, which led him to move to the Saharawi territory to see the situation on the ground, Mehdi said, adding that he was the first United Nations chief to speak of an "occupation" in Western Sahara.

Western Sahara people wish that the efforts of Ban's successor, Antonio Guterres, for the settlement of the issue went in the same direction and that he would manage to revive the self-determination process.

The Saharawi reporter called on the Frente  POLISARIO to continue its peaceful struggle on all fronts, to allow Western Sahara people to enjoy freedom and independence.

Hamma Mehdi greeted Algeria for its support to Saharawi people.SPS