M'barak Daudi starts hunger strike in protest of assault on his family

Bouzakarn (Morocco), 27 August 2017 (SPS) - Saharawi political prisoner M'barak Daudi initiated Saturday a hunger strike of 48 hours in his cell at the local prison in Bouzakarn, Morocco, in protest of a physical assault on his family.

The 62-year-old Saharawi political prisoner carried out this hunger strike despite his deteriorated health situation. Daudi had been transferred several times to health centers due to his critical health situation.

The family members of the Saharawi political prisoner were physically and verbally assaulted Friday when they protested because their monthly salaries were suspended by the Moroccan authorities.

Saharawi political prisoner M'barak Daudi was arrested on 29 September 2013 for his political activism. (SPS)