Countries and political parties reiterate solidarity with Saharawi cause at inauguration of Summer University of SADR Executives

Boumerdes (Algeria), August 11, 2017 (SPS) - Several Algerian political parties and members of the diplomatic corps accredited to Algeria expressed their support and solidarity with the Saharawi cause, at the opening ceremony of the Summer University of the SADR Executives, which started Thursday in the Algerian town of Boumerdes.

In this context, the Venezuelan ambassador to Algeria affirmed the solidarity of his country with the just struggle of the Saharawi people and added that "Venezuela will continue to support all peoples fighting for their freedom and self-determination, as is the case of the Saharawi people".

The spokesman of the Algerian political party, the National Democratic Assembly, expressed the commitment to the Saharawi cause. "We share the position of the Algerian state that is inspired by the principles of the Revolution of the First of November," said Shihab Sedik.

For his part, President of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, Saleh Mohamed, praised the struggle being waged by the Saharawi people, who "are leading the way in continuous victories, thanks to their forms of peaceful struggle, such as the Intifada in the Occupied Zones of Western Sahara (SPS)