Spain: Government of Navarre committed to "peaceful" solution in accordance with Security Council resolutions in Western Sahara

Madrid, August 6, 2017 (SPS) - Navarre Vice-President of Social Rights Miguel Laparra underlined the commitment of the Provincial Executive of Navarre to a "peaceful" solution within the framework of Security Council resolutions in Western Sahara.

At a press conference, Mr. Laparra, who launched an appeal for aid to the Saharawi population in the economic and social fields, further recalled that the Provincial Executive signed on 21 November 2016 a protocol of cooperation with The Polisario Front to "express the solidarity of the government of Navarre with the Saharawi people".

This Protocol, he said, is a "qualitative leap that proves that our province has a special relationship with the Sahrawi people that goes beyond the strictly humanitarian aid, intends to translate explicit political support for the rights of the Sahrawi people in the context of the resolutions of the United Nations".

For his part, the Saharawi representative in Navarre, Badadi Benamar, called for a "peaceful solution through a referendum in Western Sahara".

Thanking the Government of Navarre, "its institutions and citizens for their solidarity and support for many years to the Saharawi people", Sahrawi representative also lamented the "grave situation in which his people lives and the constant violation of human rights by the Moroccan occupying forces".

The problem of the Saharawi people is "a political problem", pointed out Mr. Benamar, who recalled "the betrayal of Spain which, he said, is the responsible authority of the holding of the referendum of self-determination and the completion of the process of decolonization of the Sahrawi territory". (SPS)