POLISARIO delegate in Spain calls for liberation of Gdeim Izik prisoners

Madrid, July 27, 2017 (SPS) -  The delegate of the Frente POLISARIO in Spain Jira Bulahi called the government of Mariano Rajo to intervene with Morocco to free the Sahrawi prisoners of the Gdeim Izik camp recently convicted to heavy sentences.

The Sahrawi delegate noted, in a press communiqué, that “the heavy sentences imposed to the Sahrawi prisoners of Gdeim Izik by the Moroccan civil court is a repetition of the sentences given by the military court,” before underlining that these sentences “were given based on confessions obtained under tortures, false testimonies and endless irregularities during the trial as denounced by many international observers.”

She said that the “these Sahrawi human rights activists, most sentenced from 20 years to life are victims of repression of the Moroccan State because they are asking for social and economic improvements for the Sahrawi people, living under Moroccan occupation since Spain abandoned the Sahara in 1975 without finalizing the decolonization process.”

“These Sahrawi activists spent nearly seven years in Moroccan prisons being falsely accused and Spain, as an administering power, as well as the United Nations, in addition to international institution must act to free these prisoners,” she added. SPS