Ministers Council holds Meeting on national cause developments

Chahi El Hafed, July 26, 2017 (SPS) - The expanded Council of Ministers met on Tuesday, under the presidency of the President of the Republic, Secretary General of the Frente POLISARIO, Brahim Gali, to address the progress of the national cause and to evaluate the presidential tour, which his last leg, has been Chahid El Hafed.

The meeting of the Council of Ministers discussed the meetings with the popular bases in the framework of the presidential visit to the wilayas.

The Council of Ministers took the opportunity to evaluate "the recent measures taken to stop the enemy's maneuvers and their dirty war, which threatens peace and stability in the area, by facilitating the entry of drugs and thereby promoting and supporting organized crime gangs and terrorist groups, "says the note,  praising," all efforts at all levels, authorities, citizens, security forces and especially the People's National Liberation Army. "

In the same regard, the Council insisted on the need to follow the National Action Plan of the last Congress of the POLISARIO, which emphasizes to improve the position of the Political Organization, increasing the army's capacities and improving the management of National institutions ".


On the other hand, the meeting denounced the brutal sentences against the prisoners of Gdeim Izik affirming that "the trial uncovered the nature of the administration of the occupant". "We reject the sentences that affirmed those pronounced by the military court in 2013, amid the absence of conditions for a fair trial," the statement said, recalling that according to international law, the Moroccan occupying state does not have the right to prosecute the citizens of Western Sahara. "

Regarding external activity, the Council of Ministers heard a presentation by the President of the National Council (Parliament) Jatri Adduh, on his recent visit to the State of Nicaragua and "the Cuban-Saharan Parliamentary Committee and its role in deepening the bilateral relations between the Sahrawi State and the two friendly countries, "the statement said.

For its part, the Representative of POLISARIO to United Nations, Bujari Ahmed, has presented the developments in the national cause at the United Nations level.

Finally, the President of the Republic greeted the resistance of the political prisoners of Gdeim Izik and all the political prisoners, saying that "they are the example for all Saharawi people in their battle for freedom and dignity." "We also salute the wave of national solidarity and the work of the defense, (...) we salute the Saharawi people in the OO TT, southern Morocco and university centers, who once again affirmed that condemnations will not break the will and perseverance of the Saharawi people, "the statement said. SPS