SJJA organises lectures on Western Sahara in Japan

Tokyo, 11 January 2017 (SPS) - Sahara Japan Journalist Association (SJJA) started the lecture tour in Japan about the Last Colony in Africa, to explain the 41 years’ hard situation of the Western Sahara people for the university students, the scholars and the ordinary Japanese people, even for the children.

The first lecture was launched at Meijigakuin University in Yokohama-city, from 15:00~17:00 on the 10 January, 2017 for more than 100 students, some professors, a chief editor, and a corpora auditor. Meijigakuin University is the first Japanese Christian school founded in Yokohama-city.

The theme of the lecture was “What we, Japanese people, can do for the Western Sahara people?” SJJA showed the documentary film of the 14th Congress to the audiences and reported the sequence of the Referendum for the Saharawi Self-determination in 2016. And SJJA blamed Morocco on its obstruction against the United Nations and the International Society.

Finally SJJA presented to the audiences the speech by the Coordinator with MINURSO, Mr. EmhamedKhaddad, in an interview with the national TV that the African Union was determined as it demonstrated in Malabo that the first of which are the borders inherited from colonialism, and if Morocco wants to join the Union it must respect its internationally recognized boundaries. His speech confirmed that significant gains were achieved during the year 2016, at the internal, diplomatic and military levels, such as the decision of the European Court and European cessation of dealings with Morocco in the looting of the Saharawi people's wealth as well as the advocating against all governments and companies involved in the plunder of Sahrawi natural resources.

Definitely all participants of the lecture support the referendum of the Saharawi self-determination.  SJJA will continue to demand for the Japanese Government to support and to help the Western Sahara people. (SPS)