Foreign delegations insist on “rapid” holding of self-determination referendum

Dakhla (refugee camps), July 9, 2016 (SPS) Representatives of foreign delegations participating in the work of the Extraordinary Congress of the Polisario Front have insisted on the rapid holding of a self-determination referendum in Western Sahara.

The interventions that marked the second day of the Extraordinary Congress of the Polisario Front, in honour of the late President Mohamed Abdelaziz held under the theme "Strength, determination and will to impose national independence and sovereignty," focused on the necessity of the rapid organization of a referendum that would allow the Saharawi people to express themselves on their independence.

The representative of the General Secretary of Swapo (Namibia) considered that the holding of a referendum of self-determination was necessary as an urgent demand, insisting on the need for an action of the United Nations exercising this right recognized by the international community and supported by the UN Security Council Resolutions.

For his part, the representative of the Russian left party called on the United Nations to organize as quickly as possible a free referendum that puts an end to the suffering of the Sahrawi people for decades.

Fernando Maura, Spanish party Ciudadanos, held the United Nations responsible for protecting human rights in Western Sahara in particular in the occupied territories by Morocco, calling the organization to extend the prerogatives of MINURSO to include the protection of human rights.

The delegate of the Italian movement of solidarity with the Saharawi people, for its part, stressed the imperative to end the plunder of Saharawi natural resources in the territories occupied by the Moroccan kingdom and to face the penalties unfairly suffered by the Sahrawi prisoners in the Moroccan prisons. (SPS)