Security Council has to get serious over Western Sahara issue

Djanet (Algeria), April 18, 2016 (SPS) - The head of the delegation of the Algerian National Committee for Solidarity with Saharawi People in Djanet (province of Illizi), Boudjemaa Souileh, urged Sunday the UN Security Council to get serious about Western Sahara issue, stressing that it is first and foremost a matter of "peace and security in the region."

"Security and peace in the region are threatened by Morocco's attitude, hence the need for the United Nations Security Council to get more serious about Western Sahara issue, as it is first and foremost a matter of peace and security in the whole region," Souileh told APS in the opening of the regional conference on Western Sahara in Djanet.

Souileh denounced Morocco's attacks against UN security general, saying that Rabat "seeks, through such an attitude, to get the United Nations to review the legal status of Western Sahara territories," which it is decolonization issue.

The world must know that decolonization in Western Sahara should be carried out in accordance with the international legality, especially Resolution 1514 about peoples' right to self-determination.