The Baker Plan can "neither be rearanged nor readjusted", declares Prime Minister


Chahid El Hafed, 12/09/2004 (SPS) Prime Minister, Abdelkader Taleb Oumar, warned that the Baker Plan, entitled "Peace Plan for the se lf-determination of the people of Western Sahara", unanimously adopted by the Security Council " can neither be rearanged nor readjusted" and that it is "an entity, to take or to leave, as defined by its author and as accepted by Polisario Front".

Receiving the UN Secretary General's Special Representative in charge of the Minurso, Alvaro de Soto, the Prime Minister declared Sunday to the Medias that "any attempt aiming to deviate Saharawi people's right to self-determination and independence is dedicated to failure".

Mr. Taleb Oumar, whose people are "frustrated" because of UN's compassion with Rabat and the repeated prolongations in the process of the solution to the conflict, has estimated that it is up to the United Nations "to push Morocco comply with international legality and implement Security Council's resolutions", recalling that this country "is blocking for 13 years the process of the referendum and who has successively rejected the implementation of the settlement plan, Houston accords and the Baker Plan".

Moreover, the Prime Minister underlined that a Saharawi independent State "will manage no effort to establish peace and stability in the region", and will take into consideration "all the claims of Morocco relative to its security, stability and economic interests". (SPS)

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Prime Minister receives Annan's Special Representative

Chahid El Hafed, 12/09/2004 (SPS) Prime Minister, Abdelkader Taleb Oumar, received, Sunday in the residency Chahid Tamek, Kofi Annan's Special Representative in charge of the Minurso, Alvaro de Soto, who undertakes a visit to the region in order to continue the efforts of his predecessor, James Baker, aiming at enforcing the "peace plan for the self-determination of the people of Western Sahara".

The meeting was also attended by Mr. M'Hamed Khadad, National Secretariat member and Coordinator with the Minurso.

In a statement to the press, Mr. De Soto indicated that he is charged by UN's SG to enforce the Baker plan for the self-determination of the Saharawi people, as adopted by the Security Council. He estimated further that "it is an optimum political solution" for the resolution of the conflict. (SPS)

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Arrival of a Spanish PP envoy to support Saharawi people's self-determination

Chahid El Hafed, 12/09/2004 (SPS) Spanish Popular Party's (PP) Secretary for Foreign Affairs, Jorge Moragas, arrived Saturday to Saharawi refugees' camps to confirm the first Spanish opposition party support to "Saharawi people's self-determination".

The envoy of the PP would have to expose to Saharawi leaders the position of his party, which consists of "the support to a solution that is negotiated between the two parties, Moroccan Kingdom and Polisario Front, within the framework of the United Nations and conforming to UN's resolutions". The PP, he asserted to Spanish newspaper 'La Razon' before his departure from Madrid, defends the Baker Plan II, as elaborated in July 2003 and adopted by the UN's Security Council.

"My trip answers three needs. The first, answer an invitation Polisario Front's direction proposed us. Second, get directly informed about the situation of more than 120.000 Saharawi refugees. Third, have an idea about Saharawi authorities evaluation of the actual UN's peace process, and as a fourth objective, reiterate to Saharawi people the position of the PP on the conflict", he emphasised according to the same source.

Moragas indicated more explicitly that his party supports without hesitation "Saharawi people's right to decide over its future through a referendum of self-determination that includes as an option the right to independence", estimating that it is in fact "Saharawis who must decide in this issue not anyone else".

"This trip will allow Saharawi leaders to have an idea about the position of the Spanish opposition party, at the moment when Zapatero follows a confused foreign policy, in particular regarding the Western Sahara's conflict", he underlined.

Though it has always maintained contact with the Polisario Front, it is the first time that the PP officially sends one of its leaders to the refugees' camps.

The visit of Mr. Moragas will be extended until Tuesday. He will be received during his being in the camps by the President of the Republic, Mohamed Abdelaziz, and by other Polisario Front's leaders and officials of the SADR. (SPS)

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