More than 90 youth organizations from 41 countries participate to the 2nd edition of the IYFSWS Forum in Malaga

Malaga (Spain) 26 November 2021 (SPS)- The Second Edition of the International Youth Forum for Solidarity with Western Sahara (IYFSWS) will start shortly, in Molina Town, Malaga, Spain, with the participation of representatives of more than 90 youth organizations, under the supervision of representatives of the Saharawi Youth Union (UJSARIO) and in the presence of an official Saharawi representation in the opening session of the forum.

According to the organizers, around 150 young men and women representing more than 90 youth organizations will participate in this second edition, including representatives of 10 international federations, and international bodies.

The organizers added that the participants are nationals of 41 countries from liberal, green, socialist and communist parties, in addition to local and European participants and experts interested in the Saharawi cause.

The organization of this second edition of the forum is supervised by the members of the foreign department of theUJSARIO in cooperation with the Spanish Youth Council (CJE), and the European-Latin American Youth Center (CEULAJ) where the forum is organized.

The opening session is expected to include an official speeches by a representative of the Polisario Front, UJSARIO, CEULAJ and CJE, followed by statements by representatives of International Organizations, and statements of heads of delegations of the participating youth organizations.

The work of the forum will take place tomorrow in the form of workshops discussing several issues related to the conflict in Western Sahara.

The first groups of participating delegations arrived this morning in Malaga, where the Forum will take place a few hours later this evening.

The Sahrawi youth chose to organize the second edition of the forum in Spain to remind Madrid of its historical and legal responsibility in the conflict in Western Sahara, and to hold the Spanish and European youth in general the task of correcting the historical mistake made by the Spanish government in 1975 when it abandoned its responsibility in the decolonization of the Western Sahara. (SPS)

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