Mohammed VI's speech aims to buy more time to plan schemes against Sahrawi people and peoples of the region

Bir Lahlou, 1 August 2021 (SPS) - The Sahrawi government has affirmed that the speech of King of Morocco Mohammed VI on the Throne Day, completely contradicts the actions of Morocco and aims only to gain more time to bring in more military equipment and prepare all conspiracies and intrigues against the Sahrawi people, the peoples of the region and the African continent.

A statement by the Sahrawi Ministry of Information confirmed the speech of the King of Morocco, which was characterized by risky and exaggerated sweet talk, with the aim of deliberately covering up its cause of the return of war to the region as a result of its denial of the peace agreement it had signed with the Sahrawi party.

In his speech - the statement highlights - the King of Morocco tried to present his aggressive and expansionist regime as aspiring to peace, stability, cooperation and brotherhood at a time when the whole world knows that Morocco, since 1975, the date of its military invasion of the territory of the Saharawi Republic, has become a state that poses a threat to security and stability in the whole region and its expansionist war is the only reason that hinders Maghreb economic and political integration.

The Sahrawi government affirmed, “The sabotage of the cease-fire, the return of war, and the obstruction of the efforts of the international community aimed at bringing peace between Morocco and the Sahrawi Republic by adhering to the requirements of international legality enshrined in the Charter of the United Nations and the Constitutive Act of the African Union and their resolutions is what proves that the discourse is nothing more than a cover-up of an existing reality that threatens to escalate military and diplomatic confrontations as long as Morocco insists on engaging in all kinds of ominous bargains that brought foreign bodies to the region, which it is trying to seek help from and threaten the peoples of the region.”

On this occasion, the Sahrawi government called on the Kingdom of Morocco “to end its occupation and to open a page that would allow peace among all on the basis of respect for the national and territorial integrity of each country. It is better than continuing the adventures and aggressive war”. (SPS)