HRW: Morocco implements same methods as Israel in attempt to strengthen Western Sahara’s occupation

Washington, 2 January 2021 (SPS) - Executive Director of Human Rights Watch (HRW) Kenneth Roth underlined that Morocco implements the same methods used by the Israeli occupier against the Palestinians to attempt to strengthen its occupation of Western Sahara. 

Kenneth Roth underlined Thursday on his Twitter that Morocco’s treatment of the Sahrawi people in the occupied territories of Western Sahara is in a way the same treatment reserved by Israel to the Palestinians.

He said that Morocco has used, over the years, tax subsidies and exemptions to convince thousands of its inhabitants to settle in the occupied Sahrawi territories in an attempt to strengthen its control.

Concerning the proclamation made, on 10 December 2020, by outgoing US president Donald Trump on his recognition of Morocco’s alleged sovereignty over Western Sahara, in return for the normalization between the Moroccan system and the Zionist entity, Kenneth Roth reiterated that this decision doesn’t change the status of Western Sahara as a territory under colonialism.

HRW has recently strongly denounced the suppression of Sahrawi activists by the Moroccan occupation forces in the occupied Sahrawi cities, emphasizing the brutal and illegal character of methods used by the Moroccan system.” (SPS)