Hundreds of demonstrators in Paris denouncing Moroccan aggression in El Guerguerat

Paris, 30 November 2020 (SPS) - Hundreds of demonstrators gathered Saturday at “The Place de la République” in Paris to denounce the Moroccan aggression on civilian Sahrawi people in El Guerguerat and called on the United Nations to take action to oblige Morocco to comply with the international law.

The demonstrators, carrying placards and banners, chanted slogans against the Moroccan aggression and expressed their solidarity and support to the Sahrawi liberation army in El Guerguerat, in the south-west of Western Sahara.

The demonstrators demanded an emergency meeting of the Security Council to speed up the organization of a self-determination referendum in Western Sahara, promised by UN for three decades.

The rally was held at the call of the Collective of the Sahrawi community associations in France and the Platform on solidarity with the Western Sahara’s people, said the representative of the Palisario Front to Paris Mohamed Sidati in a statement to APS, broaching an “important event” which marks “the unity and cohesion of the Sahrawi people.”

This demonstration, which was authorized by the French authorities, will be “massive” and will be marked by a significant media presence, he added. 

The demonstration comes also to support the 19 Sahrawi political prisoners of “Gdeim Izik” in the Moroccan prisons and whose sentences were unfairly confirmed by the Court of cassation of Rabat. (SPS)