“The armed struggle is still an option to determine the fate of the Saharawi people” (Saharawi ambassador to Algeria)

Algiers, February 05, 2020 (SPS) - The Saharawi ambassador to Algeria, Mr. Abdelkader Taleb Omar, said that the stalemate of the Saharawi can push the Saharawi people to resort to escalation and use all means to determine their destiny, including armed action, in case that all political solutions fail.

The Saharawi ambassador said, in exclusive statements to the Russian newspaper "Sputnik" that the option of the armed struggle remains valid adding: "The Saharawis are obliged to prepare their armed force, because the option of the armed struggle always remains on the table and can be used when necessary.”

"The current stalemate due to Morocco's intransigence requires us to alert the international community about the possibility of military action. All these obstacles can push the Saharawis to choose other forms, whenever they want to avoid them, and the world must act," Taleb Omar pointed out.

The Saharawi diplomat pointed out that the current state of the Saharawi question "is characterized by a state of blockade for several reasons, the most important of which is: the UN peace process stalled since the resignation of the UN envoy, Horst Kohler , without the appointment of another envoy so far, in addition to the Moroccan obstacles, backed mainly by France.

"International law does not recognize any sovereignty of Morocco over Western Sahara, an occupied territory pending the organization of a self-determination referendum," he added.

On the options available to the Saharawi people to face what is described as "an accomplished fact," the Saharawi ambassador said: "We are informing international public opinion and influential countries, as well as the African Union, about the seriousness of the situation ", expressing its gratitude to the African Union, which did not change its position despite Morocco's return to the African bloc.

On the other hand, the Saharawi ambassador expressed his complete satisfaction with "the quality of the relations that unite us with Algeria and the frank and clear positions of Algeria, people and government," he said.

"We have noted that the five candidates for the last Algerian presidential elections have unanimously agreed that the Saharawi issue is a matter of decolonization, which is the same position expressed by President Abdelmdajid Tabboune at his last meeting with the media, and we are proud of the Algerian firm position, "he emphasizes. SPS