Moroccan forces intervene violently against Sahrawi fans celebrating victory of Algerian football team

El-Aaiun (Occupied Territories), 20 July 2019 (SPS) - The Moroccan occupation forces intervened violently against hundreds of Sahrawi citizens who took to the streets on Friday evening, in El-Aaiun, occupied capital of Western Sahara, in celebration of the Algerian football team's victory in the African Cup of Nations.

The Moroccan occupation forces besieged the streets of the city since the first minutes of the game before trying to prevent Sahrawi citizens to express their joy after the game, and besieged them, preventing them from entering Smara Street, using water cannons and throwing stones, which led to many injuries in the among the Sahrawi fans, many cases are very serious.

The Moroccan occupation authorities brought in several repressive reinforcements which launched campaigns to chase the Sahrawi fans, which resulted in the run-down of many Saharawi citizens such as the case of Sahrawi student Sabah Osman Hamida, 25, who was hit by a car of the occupation forces in Smara Street, where she died in hospital due to the injuries she suffered. (SPS)