Frente POLISARIO representative in Australia holds in several activities in New Zealand

Wellington (New Zealand) Oct 24, 2018 (SPS)- The Frente POLISARIO representative in Australia, Mohamed Fadel Kamal, has held series  of meeting with representatives of the government, Parliament, Association of Phosphate Importers, the Council of Trade Unions, New Zealand academics and journalists as well as members of the diplomatic corps accredited to the country.

Mohamed Fadel Kamal  will also give lectures at the New Zealand Institute for International Relations and the Peace Group of Bojato.

Saharawi Diplomat held a meeting with East Timor Ambassador Bolinkton and met with the Secretary General of the New Zealand Council of Trade Unions, as well as an interview with the Stav news agency published by several newspapers.

On the evening of this day, the Peace Group in Poyahto organized a screening of a documentary about the Sahara issue by a Canadian director reviewing the depletion of Sahrawi phosphates. SPS