Council of Mérida City will study a project of Cooperation with the Saharawi People

Merida (Spain). June 12, 2018 (SPS) - The Mayor of the City of Mérida (Extremadura), Antonio Rodríguez Osuna, received this morning, on an institutional visit, the Saharawi Delegate for Extremadura, Hameiduha Ahmed, according to a press release from the mentioned municipality.

At the end of the meeting, the Saharawi delegate pointed out that "he has had the opportunity to explain the situation that the population of Western Sahara is going through and the cooperation that is taking place from Extremadura".

Hameiduha Ahmed took advantage of the visit to view the possibility that, from the City Council, projects are being carried out to alleviate the situation "and the assistance of the Saharawi population that has been sheltering for over 43 years in the Algerian camps".

The Saharawi delegate thanked his host "the availability and solidarity shown by the City Council with the Saharawi people, many years hosting children of the Vacation in Peace program"

He stressed that Extremadura, like the other communities, work in Humanitarian Aid, child care, development, health, nutrition and education projects.

Regarding the "Vacations in Peace" Program, he pointed out that 135 children arrived in Extremadura this year, specifically on June 28.

For his part, the mayor announced that, at the meeting, "we have immediately offered to continue collaborating, as we have been doing so far, with the Vacation in Peace Program" and he also announced that "we have advanced the possibility of closing a Agreement of Cooperation of the City Council of Mérida with the Saharawi People ". SPS