Current international situation requires solutions to all decolonization issues (Algerian researcher)

Boumerdes, August 22, 2017 (SPS) - Algerian chairperson of Higher National School of Political Science,  Dr. Mustapha Sayegh stressed that the international situation in light of the rapid international changes necessitates finding solutions to all issues of decolonization, including the decolonization of Western Sahara.


Dr. Sayegh , during hi lecture to participants in the work of the Summer University of Sahrawi officials  under the title of "International Transformations reading in the current situation", has emphasized the transformation of diplomacy towards the economic and military fields, considering the military power as a key factor in the balance of terror among the world powers, Known as international economic transactions in the dollar currency.


The lecturer also referred to the Arab and African countries in light of these international transformations in the world, in which the world is living in chaos in the absence of knowledge of who governs the world and whether we are facing a polar or monolithic polarity.


Upon this rapid situation, the sahrawi issue requires urgent intervention by the international community to find a solution that will enable the Saharawi people to exercise their legitimate right to freedom and independence," adds Dr. Saih. SPS