“Saharawi natural resources looting violate UN principles” Algerian academic Ahmed Mizab

Boumerdas (Algeria), August 15, 2017 (SPS) - The expert on strategic and security issues and president of the Algerian-African Committee for Peace and Reconciliation, Ahmed Mizab, affirmed at his conference at the University of Summer for the POLISARIO, SADR officials, that the looting by Morocco of Saharawi natural resources violates the principles established by the United Nations.

The Algerian expert said in his lecture: "the Saharawi cause in the context of regional and international changes," that "the activation of the Saharawi diplomatic to cease the Moroccan plunder of Saharawi natural resources, will contribute to the solution of the conflict."

In the same regard, the speaker stressed the importance of the use of soft power in order to sensitize the international public opinion and force the UN to play a more effective role, taking advantage of the situation in Morocco.

On the other hand, the expert Ahmed Mizab, considered that the readmission of Morocco in the African family, is a victory of the Saharawi cause, since Morocco would be obliged to abide by the basic principles of the UA that include the respect to the borders inherited from the colonialism.

Finally, Ahmed Mizab, stated that in the face of the spread of organized crime and terrorism, the international community is obliged to seek a way out of the Saharawi-Moroccan conflict, to avoid the outbreak of the situation. SPS