Nothing can undermine Western Sahara people's determination to reach their lofty goals

Dakhla (Sahrawi Camps), October 13, 2016 (SPS) - The celebration of the 41st anniversary of the National Saharawi Unity conveys a message that nothing can undermine Western Sahara people's will and determination to meet their "lofty and noble goals," Front Polisario's secretary general, Brahim Gali, said Wednesday in the Dakhla Saharawi refugee camp. 

"Saharawi people will persevere in their struggle, political activism and loyalty to their martyrs, using every legitimate means, and unified under the leadership of the Polisario Front, with a view to snatching their right to existence and freedom and to establishing an independent state over the entire Western Sahara territory," Saharawi President Brahim Ghali said in a ceremony opening the festivities of the 41st anniversary of the National Unity. 

Gali called on the international community to "take serious and urgent actions" to put an end to the sufferings of Saharawi people and dismantle Africa's last colony (Western Sahara).

The Polisario chief urged the UN Security Council to "assume responsibility" in the implementation of its own resolutions regarding the holding of a referendum on Saharawi people's self-determination.

The Saharawis are a people who love peace, understanding and coexistence, Gali said.

The Polisario leader stressed the importance of "abiding by international legitimacy and respecting Western Sahara people's right to self-determination and independence, so that they live with the peoples of the region, including Moroccan people, in mutual respect, cooperation and on neighbourly terms."SPS