Security Council must assume its responsibilities to preserve stability in region

Djanet (Algeria), April 18, 2016 (SPS) - Participants in the regional conference on Western Sahara unanimously urged Sunday in Djanet (province of Illizi) the UN Security Council to assume its responsibilities for the preservation of stability, favour the self-determination referendum and force Morocco to respect decisions of international legality.

For president of the National Algerian Committee of Solidarity with the Sahrawi people (CNASPS) Boudjemaa Souilah, the UN Security Council must get serious about Western Sahara issue, stressing that it is first and foremost a matter of "peace and security in the region."

The prevarications of the Security Council penalized the Sahrawi people that are suffering since 40 years but now Morocco attacked the UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon and Security Council must adopt a practical measure, he added.

The world must know that decolonization in Western Sahara should be carried out in accordance with the international legality, especially Resolution 1514 about peoples' right to self-determination.

Souilah said that the MINURSO should resume its main mission to settle the Western Sahara conflict through the holding of a self-determination referendum. 

              Need for plan to hold self-determination referendum

Expert in international relations Mohamed Said Mekki urged the Security Council to live up to confidence of the Sahrawi people and assume its responsibilities as guarantor of peace and international security.

For legal expert Amari Tahareddine, all international, African and European resolutions on the Sahrawi issue are "the extension of the same legal logic based on the principle considering the Sahrawi issue as a decolonization issue."

These data make Morocco "embarrassed" and force it to adopt aggressive positions by attacking the Minurso and the UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon, he added. (SPS)