Security Council is called to set date for the referendum in Western Sahara (Sahrawi ambassador to Algiers)

Algeria, April 05, 2016 (SPS) - the Saharawi Ambassador in Algeria, a member of the National Secretariat Mr. Buchraya Hamudi Bayun on Tuesday shouldered the UN Security Council "full responsibility" for what may occur after next April 30, the end of the mission of the United Nations Mission for the referendum in Western Sahara "MINURSO", calling to set a date to organize a referendum of self-determination of Saharawi people.



Bayun reaffirmed in a meeting with the Algerian press that despite the choice of the Saharawi people for peaceful resistance for the sake of freedom, but the continuation of Moroccan occupation will only push the people "to extremism and bear arms.. Which Ban Ki-moon has already talked about it.


Saharawi diplomatic, reiterated the commitment of the Saharawi people to a peaceful solution, adding: "We do not want war, nor encourage them and do not seek it, but we demand a referendum to determine the right of the Saharawi people.


He highlighted that Morocco is currently regional and international isolated after the Western Sahara occupation policy failure at domestic and international level.SPS.